Create useful dApps in any software language

With OpenNetSys developers can create complex or robust products without having to learn Solidity or use confined systems like EVM or Web Assembly

The dApp revolution is coming – powered by OpenNetSys.

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Why use OpenNetSys?


Developers can create dApps using the software languages and tools they know and love



OpenNetSys functions as a layer 2 solution on multiple blockchains, helping create better dApps on existing platforms.



Each dApp will operate on its own chain to allow to it to run independently of other dApps in the network, increasing throughput



Decentralized, censorship-resistant dApps involving messaging, bulletins, and news are also possible, offering a new world of freedom and potential



The secured runtime environment protects the network against bad actors



Developers can use popular libraries like Tensorflow or Torch, and can utilize databases like PostgreSQL and MongoDB, and even employ multiple software systems working together

Current blockchain platforms have been built to solve only basic problems using smart contracts – so the underlying protocols can’t create the more advanced utility present in the centralized applications we use today.

The OpenNetSys platform lowers the barrier for developers to create blockchain-based solutions, while also giving them the ability to create more computationally complex, useful dApps. OpenNetSys is enabling the dApp revolution that everyone has been waiting for.


OpenNetSys' founding team are blockchain developers and strategists that have implemented smart contract technologies for many major companies, including helping implement the first Token Curated Registry (TCR).

OpenNetSys is based in Los Angeles, CA


Adam Hanna

Cofounder - Engineering
6+yr software engineer, former cofounder & CTO at Faze1, former Senior Engineer, CoinCircle, Harvard MBA

Miguel Mota

Cofounder - Engineering
7+yr software engineer with extensive blockchain experience. Former lead engineer at MetaX/AdChain, former Senior Plaftorm Engineer, CoinCircle

Hank Leber

Cofounder - Operations
3x entrepreneur (1 exit), 10yrs digital strategy & growth marketing for global brands (Lexus, Travelocity, Anheuser-Busch), MS Mass Comm VCU Brandcenter

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